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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I am a senior year student in Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India graduating with B.Tech (Hons.) in June 2000. The background preparation I have made, my research interests, and career goals are enlisted in the sections that follow. I Background preparation I grew up in the academic environment of IIT Kharagpur since childhood. I got exposed to research and technology from an early age as my father was a professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department of IIT Kharagpur. Throughout my school career, I consistently maintained excellent academic records. This got reflected in my receiving the prestigious scholarships at the end of my high-school career and in freshman year at IIT. I received the most prestigious Jagadish Bose National Science Talent Search (JBNSTS) scholarship awarded to only the exceptionally bright students, selected through rigorous multiple phase examinations of innovative problem solving. I also received the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) scholarship awarded on a whole India basis. I was selected to represent my state in the Indian National Mathematics Olympiad conducted by National Board of Higher Mathematics. The internationally famous Statistical and Mathematical Institute, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) selected me for undergraduate study with scholarship. However, my background motivated me to study the field of Computer Science and Engineering that interested me since my childhood. On joining Computer Science and Engineering Department of IIT, I concentrated on acquiring knowledge not only through the classroom teaching materials, but also through the volume of Computers related materials in our house. In the process I have acquired in-depth knowledge in the fields of Computer Organization and Architecture, Operating Systems,

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