State Of The Union Speech

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The State of the Union address is an opportunity for the President of the United States to inform the public of his goals and achievements. He uses this address to present his goals and ideas for how he will deal with the issues. In President Obama’s State of the Union address he discusses the topics he feels are important, which are education, the economy, and taxes. The most evident topic though was job availability. The President was clearly most passionate of this topic during his address. Education is discussed thoroughly throughout President Obama speech. Obama would like impose new ideas to education. For instance, he wishes to rise the high school dropout age to eighteen, thus encouraging students to continue to attend school and help the countries youth become better educated. By having a more highly educated youth, the economy will be provided with more intelligent workers, therefore helping it improve. The President also wishes to make changes amongst the college landscape as well. He would like to lower the college tuition because he believes college is necessary for the economy’s…show more content…
When President Obama came into office the unemployment rate was increasing and the United States economy was looking bleak. The President began bailing out companies in order to help create more jobs. These procedures worked. General Motors has now become the world’s leading automotive industry and Detroit is becoming an industrial powerhouse again. These American companies need to be reestablished in order to create homeland jobs. Now that these companies are becoming relevant again we need workers to fill those jobs spaces. The problem now is many high quality manufacturing jobs are available now, but this country does not have the workers with the proper skills to fill these jobs. The President is encouraging companies to help citizens in unfortunate circumstances gain skills in order to carry out these
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