State of the Union Adress Made by Me. Essay

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*Not speech related. I know that you can’t be elected three times in a row. Rules are not the same anymore* Barack Hussein Haubama: State of the Union Address, August 29, 2016 Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans: This has been a turbulent year of America’s history. We have managed to stop nuclear threats from several countries. We have managed to make the world a better place, in just ONE year; we did all that and even more. As I recently was elected for president – once again – I would like to thank every one of you, who believes in me and my wish for change in America and all around the world. It is time to end cruelness and terrorism, which my next terror-fighting program will succeed at, which is why it is on top of my agenda. It’s time for change – and now that I was elected again, I am more motivated than ever, to do something about it. The first IS attack was August 20th, 2014. Ever since that day, IS has been spreading all over the world like a mass destructive plague. Exactly two years from the day today, these IS members have terrified the world. Blood is up. In the name of James Foley - the very first to be punished by IS for no reason; you have my word, that IS will not find mercy or peace! I wish you could be here to see what the entire world and I are going to do to prevent more terror activities. Islamic State is the former Al-Qaeda – just in Iraq and not Afghanistan. The IS cannot hold a candle to us. James Foley was a dear friend of mine. He was a harmless and respected person. I do not believe that James had any adversaries. It was just to prove the fact that the war between IS and the entire world begun. IS’s given reason to kill James Foley – the airstrike in Iraq - was just an excuse I Believe. The most recent IS-attack was not more than 14 days ago – when they took innocent peoples life in Syria

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