State Of Jefferson Paper

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State of Jefferson Paper Jurisdiction can become a complicated situation but with laws and courts it makes things easier. According to Legal Environment of Business and Online Commerce states that “Federal laws can overcome any state or local law” .This would answer the question to what court would have jurisdiction over Tanya’s suit. The federal court should be the one to have the jurisdiction on this particular case. “The suit must be a valid suit because if it is not it should be sent to the appropriate state court” (Cheeseman, 2010) So Tanya would probably not want to sue in the state where the law had been made. If she does that it would probably be the worst decision for her. She would have a 99% chance to lose since the law was probably made to benefit the state. They won’t lose in the state where the law was made. It is probable both the state and federal will have jurisdiction but dependable on where Tanya will file the suit. Is the Jefferson statute constitutional? It is not constitutional because the statute requires that all trucks and towing trailers need to use a B type hitch if it is driving on Jefferson’s highways. This requirement is just another way to make money and clear out any competition. Why is it clearing out the competition?? It is only being manufactured by one factory. It can be seen that they are taking advantage of the production being done by their own manufacturer in their own state. This is also an inconvenience to drivers that come long ways and they have to change the hitch they have to a B type hitch. It is an unlawful way to get people to spend money. An unnecessary way to get people to change hitches when they probably already have hitch. The federal government hasn’t made any changes to regulate the hitches nationwide so why does the Jefferson state have the right to have this law made. It is definitely not constitutional
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