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State of Consciousness Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on March 31, 2014
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State Of Consciousness
                    State of consciousness, consciousness is variously defined as subjective experience, awareness, the ability to experience "feeling", wakefulness, or the executive control system of the mind (Google definition). There are many consciousness people face as in enduring issues with the mind body relation, sleep patterns as in why do we need sleep, rhythms of sleep , sleep deprivation, sleep disorders, dreams and why do we dream.
    Sleep, as a human or animal we need to sleep because our body regenerates its self when it’s at rest. Humans spend at least one-third in an altered state of consciousness. When we are tired we crave to go to sleep just as if we are hungry we crave food. We can’t live without both. No human can stay p past twenty hours without feeling like they are about to crash. No one knows exactly why we need sleep but it plays and important part in restorative function.   When humans are asleep there are rhythms of sleep. Circadian rhythm is a biological rhythm that last about 24 hours.
    There are 4 stages the sleeper enters when they fall asleep. Stage one is when the brain gives you the signal your muscles to relax. It also gives off that your heart is to beat slower and when that happens your temperature begins to drop. Stage 2 is a light sleep. You’re not fully asleep but you can be awakening. Stage 3 you are in a deeper sleep. Your blood pressure begins to get lower because your brain gives off that message. Even though the body temperature is getting lower the human that is asleep won’t notice. In this stage you can be woken but it won’t be as easy. Stage 4 the human is in a deepest sleep. If someone tried to waken this sleeper it would be very hard. If the sleeper awakens they will be very confused for a few minutes. Some may sleep walk or talk in their sleep when going from stage 4 to a lighter stage of sleep. The last stage is stage 5 but is known as R.E.M, known as rapid eye movement. Even...

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