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State Of Consciousness Essay

  • Submitted by: tasha5819
  • on March 20, 2012
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State of Consciousness
Understanding Psychology 101
Instructor Judith Richardson
July 18, 2011

  When we are sleeping it seems like we are doing nothing, but laying there.   However, even though our bodies are not active, our brain is in full active mode.   The brain can be recorded by using a machine, which would show distinctive lines, that we call brain waves.   There are many states of consciousness, which is defined as our level of awareness about us and our environment.   For instance, normal waking consciousness, stages of sleep, and altered state of consciousness are all apart of what consciousness is about.   I would like to discuss the states of consciousness and examine each one a little farther.  
First, we have normal waking consciousness which is known as wide awake consciousness.   With direct consciousness your mind would focus on a specific stimulus.   With flowing consciousness it will be an unfocused awareness.   Your attention moves from one stimulus to another.   While you are awake your mind will start to drift off.   For example, a student can be in class listening to the teacher teaching but all of a sudden the student’s mind will drift to a place that is outside the classroom.   The student can be thinking about what he had for breakfast or something of that nature.   Then the student can change his thinking to playing a sport activity after school.   All along, the student is focusing in and out about what the teacher is teaching.   We all know when times like these occur it is so easy for a person to slip into daydreams.  
Day dreams are focus and direct thinking.   It involves a fantasy that takes place in our mind.   We all do it one time or another, some people do it so much that they would literally be staring into thin air, not focus or even aware of things going on around them. Daydreams can be brought on by boredom or social isolation.   When we are consciousness our mind can also be divided into two conscious activities that can occur...

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