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State of Confusion Brian Dietrich BUS415 March 19, 2012 Kathryn Harris Abstract The State of Confusion enacted a statute that requires trucks that enter the state to have a type B hitch. This requires all trucks to stop and have the hitch installed upon entering. Tanya Trucker is filing a lawsuit against the state of Confusion because she does not believe the statute is fair. The suit will be filed in the federal court of the state of Confusion. It is a federal case because it is a question of constitutionality and a suit against a state statute. It would be inappropriate for the state court to hear the case. The state statute requiring all trucks to have a specific hitch is unconstitutional. There is no federal law requiring a special hitch. The statute is strictly for monetary gain. Article One Section Eight of the United States Constitution will apply in this case. Congress shall have the power to regulate commerce. Tanya Trucker will likely win the suit against the state of Confusion because the statute is unconstitutional. The civil suit process has seven steps; six main steps and the appeals process. State of Confusion paper States create statues or rules for their state that ensure the safety of their citizens as well as the people visiting or passing through. Statutes are created for all areas pertaining to the state. The state of confusion has enacted a statute that requires all trucks that pass through the state to have a certain hitch type. The B type hitch is manufactured only in the state of confusion. Any trucker that passes through Confusion must stop to have a new hitch installed or go around the state. Tanya Trucker owns a trucking company in the state of Denial. She is unhappy about the additional expense to install the new hitches on her trucks. She plans to file suit against the state of confusion because she

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