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The State of Confusion BUS/415 Yolanda K. Ramon February 22, 2012 University of Phoenix Ms. Dottie May The State of Confusion The State of Confusion can be located where trucks travel frequently. Only B-type truck hitches are available for manufacturing by the State of Confusion Company. A statue was required in this state that required all trucks and trailers be towed by a B-type truck trailer, and is required to install a B-type truck hitch when traveling through this state. Ms. Tanya Trucker, an out of state trucking company owner, was quite unhappy with the statue and the increases of costs that her company had incurred. She decided to file a suit. Ms. Tanya Trucker is a resident and a business owner in the state of Denial. She is filing a suit against the state of Confusion regarding the statue that was in place in this state. Because of the constituency represented by both parties, and pursuant to the United States Constitution Article III, Section 2, the suit falls into the federal court (U.S. Legal, 2010). There are no other states that have passed similar statues; this is questioned to grounds of safely that may be implemented to the statue. The case may be heard in Supreme Court due to the Interstae Commerce Act, which is an act that allows states to make changes to road safety. But in most cases it may be heard also in the United States Court and may also be heard in the United States Appellate Court for appeals. The statue that the State of Confusion is trying to purse is unconstitutional based on Article One, Section eight and Clause three of the Dormant Commerce Clause contained in the United States Constitution. In this case, Confusion has put a burden on trucks and trailers which pass through Confusion for the interstate destination. In the end the Dormant Commerce Clause proviso would most likely be used in the court to make

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