State of Black America Essay

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“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”-Barack Obama. As of today the state of Black America has and are making many strides in the right direction the community is still lacking in many ways. Blacks don’t control the communities that they live in or have a real say so about what goes on in them. The black youth in America seems to have predicaments that is continuously worsen. As unemployment rates tend to fall, jail houses begin to overcrowd, teen rape rates and deaths of black young men and women begin to rise, we sometimes fail to realize that some of these things are brought upon ourselves. Stereotypes are always said because we never fix the problems that we see in our youth today. Social media always seems to find stories about blacks to be so interesting. Most crimes that are committed are by blacks on black crime, drugs, and death of our youth. Keeping our children in the school system so that they may learn right from wrong or learn the essentials to life is the key to success for all children. The state of Black America has changed for the better in many ways and for the worst in some ways. It’s like there have been many doors opened, but we have yet to utilize what is on the other side of the doors that been opened. The point where we as African Americans stand at today must change. I believe that one of the highest reasons of crime from our youth comes from television shows and music. If we were to allow our youth to watch and listen to more uplifting and educational shows, they would be better youth. Allowing kids to curse at young ages and watch adult movies or shows does nothing but inspire them to do the wrong thing. Most children learn foul language before they learn to count, know their address, birthday, or their alphabets. Music is another way of how children

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