State Government Essay

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Why do state and local governments exist? State and local governments exist in large measure, to make policy and provide services to the public What makes an efficient government? An efficient government is one that maximizes the output (services) from a given input (resources). A government performs effectively if it accomplishes what it sets out to do. In order for a government to function fairly, what must it do? In order for a government to function fairly, that is services being delivered in an equitable manner. What does the Ford Foundation’s? Innovations in American Government? Award? The innovations in American Government award recognizes the creativity that abounds in government throughout the nation. The criteria for the award are that the innovation must be original and easily replicated by other jurisdictions. What does the word ?capacity ?as it relates to government mean? Capacity as it relates to government is the ability of government to respond effectively to change, make decisions effectively, and responsively, and manage conflict. What are 3 factors that make one government more capable than another? Government intuitions such as bureaucracy matter. The fiscal resources of a jurisdiction and the quality of its leadership make a difference What are the 6 most common characteristics people want in government? Trustworthiness, ethics, finical responsibility’s, accountability, and leaders to govern honestly and wisely What is federalism? Federalism is a system of government in which powers are divided between a central government and regional governments How does the different levels of government design solutions to problems? Faster diffusion of innovation means when one government or level of government finds a solution to a problem other governments or levels could copy it. Interjurisdictioanal cooperation means multiple
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