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State Basketball Finals Allie Warren ENGL – 101 Gail Fox, Instructor University of Indianapolis [September 8, 2013] “My girls never quit, and I’m just as pleased that they continued to play hard throughout.” This is a quote from Brownstown Central High School’s varsity girls’ basketball coach, Karla Rieckers. Coach Rieckers has been coaching basketball for 19 years, but has only been the head coach at Brownstown Central for the past six years. Before she started coaching at Brownstown, the girls’ basketball team was not necessarily getting the support from the community, that it should have been receiving. When having this kind of backing from the public, we didn’t have the faith in ourselves that we could achieve amazing goals. We were not expected to win sectionals, let alone make it to the state finals game. The entire basketball team was determined to make a difference during the 2010-2011 basketball season. As a team, we knew that this difference was going to take a lot of hard work and perseverance to turn the program around. Even though others do not believe that you can accomplish something, with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. Throughout the summer prior to basketball season, we had practice every day for three hours. During these practices, I would often hear senior, Sammie Bane, say, “Oh my gosh, why are we still doing these same drills over and over again?” In response to that, Coach Rieckers would reply, “Do you want to go to state and earn respect from the community?” Growing up in a small town, everyone knew everything about each other. This was also the same concept when it came to sports at BCHS. Brownstown was always known for great volleyball, football, and boys’ basketball teams. These teams always went far into the tournament every year in strive to win a state championship title. The same was not known

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