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Real and Perceived Distances Abstract We conducted this lab in order to determine the relationship between ones perceived distance and the real distance between two landmarks. The purpose was the determine wether or not you can used ones perceived distances to predict real distances. We guessed the distance between different landmarks and then measured all of them except for one mystery landmark in order to see how our guesses compared. Then we developed a regression equation for our data and determined a predicted value of the mystery landmark. Materials and Methods For this experiment, we first individually estimated the distance between different objects on the Horseshoe and recorded our guesses. Then we used a measuring wheel in order to measure the actual distance between all of the landmarks except for the final landmark which was left unknown to us. Then we used statistical software to create a scatter plot to see how our perceived and real distances compared. Then we determined a regression equation for our data and inserted the perceived distance (x) for the mystery landmark. After we determined our predicted value of the mystery landmark we received the real distance from our instructor. Results My results showed that my distance guesses tended to be approximately unbiased due to the fact that half of my approximations fell above the average line and half below the line, as shown in the graph below. I developed a regression equation ŷ = -2.135+1.28y, and after plugging in my guess for the mystery landmark got that ŷ= 100.265. Parameter estimates: The above chart shows the parameter estimates for my distance estimates and the actual distances. Fitted linear line plot: [pic] The graph above shows the fitted linear line plot for my estimates and actual distance. Quadratic line plot: [pic] The graph above shows the quadratic

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