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University of South Australia Division of Business MICROECONOMICS [ECON 1006] FINAL EXAMINATION – Study Period 5, 2006 WRITING TIME: READING TIME: (3 hours) (10 minutes) EXTRA TIME: (30 minutes for ENTEXT students ) GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: W rite your answers in the examination booklet provided. This is a closed-book examination. Notes are not permitted. Language translation or English dictionaries are permitted. Electronic dictionaries and programmable calculators are not permitted. No writing is allowed in the examination booklet during reading time, however, notes may be made on the scribble paper provided. Be sure to hand this question booklet, your answer booklet and your scribble sheet to the invigilators prior to leaving the examination room. Section Part A Part B Part C Marks 40 30 30 TOTAL 100 Suggested time allocation one hour one hour one hour Three hours WRITE ALL ANSWERS IN THIS BOOKLET CAREFULLY DETACH THIS FRONT PAGE AND COMPLETE PAGE 2 BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR READING THIS BOOKLET CONTAINS 14 PAGES (13 PAGES PLUS A ONE PAGE VOLUNTARY SURVEY TO BE DONE IF TIME PERMITS). MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THEM ALL. Microeconomics Econ 1006 – Study Period 5 2006. Examination Paper. MICROECONOMICS [ECON 1006] STUDENT ID STUDENT NAME PROGRAM CODE I testify that the work presented here is my own. I also understand the university policy on examinations and that breaches of examination rules by me (i.e. cheating) could result in my enrolment being terminated. Date Signed For marker’s use only: Marks Section A /40 Section B /30 Section C /30 Total this exam /100 Other comments: 2 Microeconomics Econ 1006 – Study Period 5 2006. Examination Paper. SECTION A This section is worth 40 marks. You should allow approximately one hour. Record your

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