Starve Cancer Essay

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“Can we eat to starve Cancer?” By: William Li After listening to William Li’s opinion on the whole concept of Angiogenesis and the preventative measures one can take to help cure the growth of Cancer tumors was very interesting. He touched upon the concept that we are feeding our disease. His research studies have shown that antigenic drugs as well as certain foods can stop the growth of cancer cells. He states that a disease is angiogenesis that is out of balance. Angiogenesis is the process our body uses to grow blood vessels. He says that the decrease of angiogenesis causes heart attacks, legs without circulation, with the increase of angiogenesis in our bodies; we have an increase of cancer, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. After studying biology and having knowing that our cells undergo mitosis and meiosis a natural occurring process in our bodies, I can understand the negative responses toward William Li’s research and study. I understand that our bodies are a natural occurring machine that works on its own but I also agree to the fact that we can manipulate our natural occurring bodily processes. The statement “you are what you eat” kind of feeds into that whole starving cancer scenario. We all know that feeding ourselves high fatty foods and greasy foods can cause plaque in our arteries, which is the leading cause of heart attacks. The same I believe is for other diseases. We may not be able to cure the disease or prevent it from ever growing, but if there is a way for us to feed our bodies with antigenic therapy foods before we are diagnosed with Cancer, or if eating more berries, tomatoes, soy and other foods slow down the rate at which Cancer cells multiply and grow, why would l not entertain that? For me the whole G1, S-Phase and G2 cycle of the cell is simple to understand. But at the same time, there is always room for errors. If a mutated

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