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Starting Up A Business Essay

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Starting up a Business
Success is reaching your certain goals.
  A- Attitude
-Don’t give up even if you fail again and again
-I if you fail, you should try again
-Be thankful for what you have, not bitter for what you do not have

  C- Cooperation
-We need to learn DICIPLINE
-Chinese term for Cooperation: Quang-Si
-Help other people rather than letting them help you

H- Honesty
-Very important in business

  I- Imagination
-make the impossible possible
-same world same reality, different thinking
-if we focus on one thing we may miss another
-it’s our perceptions
-embrace the world with solutions

  E- Enthusiasm
-Think good about your self
-Have bravery

V- Voluntary
  E- Excellence
-you are responsible for your results
-have a target in everything you do
-continue to strive

(Be sure to PRAY)

“Try and try until you succeed”

889-5877 (zambales boot camp)

Starting up a business
-even if you are the president of a company you can’t will it to your children. You can only do this if you have a business.
-An entrepreneur acts as a catalyst for economic change and research.
-An entrepreneur is to establish a business plan and written down a business plan
-Timing or the general state of the economy has nothing to do with starting a business (VERY QUESTIONABLE)
Anyone can start a business as long as he/she is emotionally, intellectually, financially, and strategically ready

What is the business?
10 questions you should ask yourself before sailing on w/ your own enterprise:
  1. Do you enjoy making decisions and being in charge?
  2. Do you have the willingness to take initiative?
  3. Do you have enough money saved up to start your business?
  4. Do you have a good credit rating?
  5. Do you have strong people skills?
  6. Are you...

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