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Assignment 1: Starting a Business Online, Part 1 Professor: | BUS 107 - Fundamentals Of E-Business | August 18, 2014 Owning a small local club in Washington DC can be a very big task that must have a strong team to manage the entertainment of the city life. This business can be very stressful at times, but it is indeed a great profitable company being as though the products and good service that we offer as well as the demand for entertainment during the weekends is being met. We have a great location for the type of business that we run; however, there are so many clubs and sports bars etc. in the DMV area. My small business is a Sports Bar & Club called The Royal Lounge. Online business is the best outlet for businesses of today. This business is using the Internet to promote showcases, wedding events, parties sporting events and much more online, also we are introducing our photography, video and flyer aspect of the business. One of our strengths is that we have very affordable pricing on the high quality video that we shoot with our professional certified photographers, as well as good quality fliers that will be created by the certified graphic designer that we employee. We have web technicians upgrading our website daily to make sure that it is very internet friendly so that the users would be able to click and drag graphic and all kind of clipart to create their own fliers, menus and other promotional brochures if they don’t use our company to design it for them; the site will also aloud the users to get a great price quote when they are complete creating their design. A cool part of our strengths will be a fast 3 to 5 day delivery from the time your place your order. As we promote the entertainment part of the business, this would be consider our

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