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Is it easier to start a business in virtual space than in real space? Yes I do think a virtual office space is a suitable alternative for new businesses who can't afford a real-life professional space. Hiring a virtual work area is easy, stress free and an inexpensive option that can add weight to a fledgling business and save its hard-earned capital. Is it less (or more) expensive? Virtual office space can be an inexpensive option that can add weight to a fledgling business and save its hard-earned capital What are the applicable laws? Yes rules and regulations for conducting e-commerce apply mainly to online retailers and other businesses that perform consumer transactions by collecting customer data. However, even if you do not sell anything online, laws covering digital rights and online advertising may still apply to you. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the primary federal agency regulating e-commerce activities, including use of commercial emails, online advertising and consumer privacy. FTC’s E-Commerce Guide provides an overview of e-commerce rules and regulations. Perhaps most important from a business person's perspective, is it possible to turn a profit? How? Yes it is very possible to turn a profit several ways with an online business. Selling your own products, Selling your own services, Drop ship products, Recommend affiliate products, Sell ad space, Create a joint venture with like-minded businesses, or Start an affiliate program. Are there different considerations for choosing an organizational form for doing business on the Net than there are for business elsewhere? If so, what are they? No I think the main form would still apply for any business on or offline, such as capitalization, and diversification Article Source: steps to starting an online business are the same as starting any

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