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Starting a band may be difficult to do if he or she is unexperienced. Going through the experience takes time, and also it may be a learning process. When starting a band I want to look for friends. People I get along with and share good chemistry with. Why would I want to be in a band with people that I am not friends with? I mean, what's the point? I want to share the good experiences and passion with the people I am friends with. Not just random guys that show up for a band tryout. To me, it makes no sense. For example, my friend Mike started a band when he was younger. He posted flyers looking for band members, and he said it never worked out. He said it was hard to get everyone to show up for practice, and not everyone got along with each other. Well, I could have told him not to do that. That is the main thing to avoid when starting a band. Get a group of friends and have fun with it. Don't look at it as a business, have fun and maybe it will turn out the way everyone in the band wanted it to. To begin to start a band, I knew I needed to learn at least one instrument. I always did vocals but I thought it would be nice to have something to lean back on. So I taught myself how to play guitar. Also, knowing how to play guitar, could help the band with writing songs. For example, when I learned guitar I could write the song on guitar and vocals. Another plus with learning how to play guitar, I knew how to play bass. Bass and guitar are pretty much the same thing, just bass has a lower tune and one less string. The next step, is really hard to do. Starting a band may take some time if one has no experience. I really like to think things through and make sure it is going to work. When I first wanted to be in a band, I knew I couldn't work with people I don't know. So I met friends by going to shows and hanging out. I wanted to find people that had the same

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