Stars, Stage And Screen Essay.

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How has Hollywood changed the construction of the star image from 1950's through to the present day? The 'star' status is used a lot in modern day time from audiences down to the stars themselves but is it the word just being used to describe someone who is famous without actually understanding or believing the actor has achieved the star status? I want to look into what makes these actors a star and how the publicity and press could have an impact in this. I am also going to look at the Hollywood star system by analysing and exploring how much of a difference this changed and developed these actors into stars. Before The Hollywood system actors didn’t have any status and would not have been named a star. Their personal life didn’t hold much of an interest to the audience and there wasn’t any demand or strong opinion as to who they wanted to see on the screen. Stardom is now an image on how these stars live, every detail is significant and then related to each of their performance, magazine articles and photos exploring their lifestyle lead viewers wanting to know more. Does the amount of press revealed lead these actors to stardom? I have also looked at each stars image from their earlier years to the end of their career and compared and assessed as to whether how they appeared created more interest to the public. The three stars I have chosen to analyse in my essay have each been chosen for a particular reason. Marlon Brando's early career and his on screen presence was so enticing to the audience that he was considered fresh and raw with so much energy. He brought a new style of acting to the screen but people soon questioned his methods and if he was purely being himself onscreen. He created a sudden rush of female attention and he was labelled the new heart throb for his raw sexual personality. In his case it is hard to tell where the actor finishes,

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