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TARSSTARS Ambulance RITESH PATEL STU ID: 100810509 LORRAINE NAVE &NANCY SANGUILIANO LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT 4/10/2012 An Information Systems Challenge Abstract This case studies an organization called the Shock-Trauma-Air-Rescue-Society, also known as a STARS Air Ambulance which is a organization that deals with saving patients lives. This particular case demonstrates the strategic importance of IT management in the life of an organization. We are shown that in order for the IT department to be most successful, there must be a proactive approach so that the most possible value is being added to the organization. The case also highlights the levels the CIO must gain control of to manage progress: IS budgeting, the systems development process, the supervision and deployment of IS staff, and the purchase of computing equipment. This case also points out an important key factor that play a critical role in the success of this STARS Air Ambulance organization that is the STARS Emergency Link Centre (ELC) which is a 24-hour emergency medical communications centre that offers timely information to emergency service providers for critically ill and injured patients as well as a range of services for industry partners. The basic issue in this case concerns what action the new CIO must undertake to ensure that the IS department can fully support the organization's mission. Key words: Emergency Link Center, STARS Air Ambulance, Information System Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) in Calgary, Canada, provides a safe, rapid, highly specialized, emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured by dispatching helicopters and air medical crew at anytime. STARS operates a sophisticated communication system that links together hospitals, ground ambulance services, police, firefighters,

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