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College is tough. Now, imagine going to college 26 years after high school. I have a son and bills to take care of, the last thing I want to do is waste time taking courses only to lose them when I transfer to a four-year college. Luckily, the state of Alabama has a great program called STARS (State Wide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System). STARS is a web based program that helps guide you through your course selection so you don’t waste valuable time taking courses that simply may not transfer when you do. It serves as an online course counselor in helping students ensure all the time and effort they put in follows them to their four-year college. STARS is very simple to use. In as little three steps you can enter your information, and ensure that you don’t waste time on courses that may not transfer along with you. First, log on to your school website and click on the STARS link. Second, enter your information. You will need to include not only your personal information but the name of your two-year college you are attending and your major. Finally, select the four-year college you are most interested in and select “retrieve STARS guide”. The whole process is simple and fast. Using STARS to guide your course is important. As long as you follow what courses to take you won't have any classes you do not need. You can try to do it yourself but risk making mistakes and costing yourself time and money. The STARS system is monitored by the AGSC (Alabama Articulation and General Studies Committee). They are responsible for oversight of STARS to insure the information you receive from STARS has been approved by AGSC. STARS helps students at two-year colleges form a legal contract with the four-year college of their choice. By using the online guide correctly, you enter into a binding contract with the four-year college. The four-year college

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