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Starry Night, a painting by Van Gogh, is a wonderful and emotionally expressing work of art. The painting is strong enough to provoke thoughts of life experiences and emotions. It especially provokes feelings about the past, present, and future. In the painting, Starry Night, is a town next to a bunch of hills and valleys which tend to bring about memories of the past. In the past, there has been many hardships and times of loneliness. The valleys remind me of all my regrets. Regrets like not trying hard in a majority of my grade school career. Had I put forth more effort, I could have taken higher level courses and prepared much better. The town reminds me of all my loneliness. In the town, it looks like none of the people socialize and just stay in their homes. It reminds me of how I would always stay inside the house, watching television and playing games. Now I regret spending so much time in the house, having wasted so much time I could have spent getting out and socializing or just improving myself. To me, the town, hills and valleys are saddening and depressing because of the thoughts they bring up of my past. The giant tree in the front of Starry Night makes me think of the challenges I must meet and accomplishments I have had in the present. Within the past year I have, and continue to, change and experience new things. Changes like losing about 45 pounds, even going to the gym daily. I have also become much more social, which is still not very social, but an improvement none the less. I have started working harder in school, making challenges for myself by taking more than needed core classes, and even some AP courses. There have been many new experiences also, some good and some bad. I have gotten to experience much more social activity, even getting a job for a while, but unfortunately experienced the cold steel of handcuffs and depressing cement

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