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Starry Night Painted by Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh painted Starry Night in 1889, about one year before he killed himself for “The greater good.” Starry night is one of those paintings that everyone knows. It is an oil painting on canvas. Gogh painted Starry Night while he was in an insane asylum. While in the asylum he made about one to two paintings a day. During his lifetime Vincent Van Gogh only considered very unsuccessful as an artist. Throughout his lifetime he made around 900 paintings, and only sold one. It is one of Gogh’s most famous paintings. In case you have been living under a rock your whole life and haven’t seen pictures of this famous painting, I will describe it for you. Most of the top half of this painting is the night sky. The sky is mostly dark blue, but gets lighter the farther down you look on the painting. There are clouds going across the sky that are a mixture of a variety of shades of blue and white with sweeping brushstrokes. The clouds are swirling to show a cool night breeze even though you cannot see wind. This also gives the painting an eerie feel. There are only eleven stars in the sky, each bright with an exaggerated amount of light coming from each one. On the top right of the painting is a very bright crescent moon that seems to give light to the whole picture. Below the moon there are rolling hills that go all the way across the center of the painting, descending in height the farther left you look. The hills are a variety of shades of blue. Below the hills is a small town. The town goes from the bottom right to the center of the painting. The town is bright even though it is night. The bright stars provide light for the rest of the painting. The town looks peaceful. The town is painted with cool, dark colors. The buildings are painted very symmetric. Gogh doesn't use sweeping brushstrokes

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