Starry Night Essay

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Akash Patel Professor Whitaker English 1102 / OL 3 July 2011 Two Perceptions make One Starry Night A painting to a viewer may convey several judgments to an individual’s mentality; however, a poem that’s read by an individual may arise a number of different perceptions in one’s mind. This was definitely the case when the famous artist, Vincent van Gogh, oil-painted “The Starry Night” and Anne Sexton composed her gloomy poem about his painting. Vincent Van Gogh created this beautiful piece of art to show human connection with nature at its best. Anne Sexton wrote her poem to show how much she desired death through her emotional struggle in life. Vincent painted “The Starry Night” in a psychiatric hospital. Anne wrote her poem because she was suggested to write it by a therapist. Though both of these artists had different perceptions of “Starry Night”, one important similarity they had lied cognitively. Vincent Van Gogh’s painting is now hung up in the Museum of Modern Art, located in New York. The year before Vincent painted “Starry Night,” he had gotten into an immense fight with his best friend, Paul Gaugin. As time passed by Vincent lost all control over himself and cut his right ear and painted a self portrait of himself. Vincent’s neighbors worried about him, sent Vincent of to a psychiatric ward. Here he painted his beautiful masterpiece, “The Starry Night.” Vincent Van Gogh’s painting shows eleven beautiful stars that are surrounded with a sphere of light. Rapid, yet calm exaggerated wind currents are present in the top half portion of the painting. There is a steady frustration in the night clouds along with calmness in the city that lies below. The colors of the stars compared to the dark blue sky are fairly distinct. The city that Vincent Van Gogh drew has no humans present however, does show evidence of human civilization. The city is full of

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