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STARHUB 1) Starhub is a fully-integrated info-communications company offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets.It started its service since 1995. When at the early stage starhub is a company that only consist of CableTv service and nothing else. During that period of time starhub cabletv was a very new and unknown service. Not many people willing to try out. But as time pass cabletv is starting to be a common service in every affordable household as it provides all the oversea channels and shows that can’t be found by local media. During 1998, in order to expand their business, starhub decided to go into Public Basic Telecom & Public Cellular Mobile. And they manage to receive their Public Basic Telecom & Public Cellular Mobile licenses awarded during May 1998. Furthermore during 1999, starhub also went into Residential Broadband service and at year 2000 StarHub's was official launch in Singapore. 2) SWOT | Strengths | Starhub is very innovative as they tried a lot of new things in the market in order to compete and to attract customer. * StarHub introduced first-in-market features like the Per Second Billing and Free Incoming Calls * StarHub established cable broadband open standard in Singapore, the first country in Asia and among the first in the world. This service allows other ISPs to provide their own cable broadband service via StarHub's cable network * Starhub also comes out with new ways to enhance their customer entertainment needs. Like new and improve way of watching their SCV. Some examples are the new digital cable with fifty channels and true digital video quality, user-friendly interactive screens and there is even HD now. * They also provide 20% discount for customer that apply 3 or more mobile lines together. And compare to their competitor,

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