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Starbucks - Summary Starbucks is highly successful because of its great products, which don't need aggressive advertising or marketing - less than 1% of its sales were spent in these areas. Also, its employees are amongst the happiest, mainly because of the friendly policies. Nonetheless, it does expand intensively, blanketing large areas with its stores. Product innovation has an important influence on Starbucks' success, too. But, despite all these, its international operations are not delivering the expected results and they are gaining worrying losses. Analysts believe this is caused by that fact that the international operations are not as well planned as the US ones and because they are very difficult to manage. Starbucks first entered the Asia Market, betting on the tendency of the younger generations to copy all that's Western, in three ways: joint ventures, licensing and wholly owned subsidiaries. It kept the global aspects the same, regardless of the pieces of advice given by analysts, and kept the no smoking policy and the large stores in the stores. They adapted locally and introduced new products, specific for the areas and respecting the traditions. The biggest problems met in international markets since the beginning of the 2000s have been so far the volatile political environment, criticism from NGOs, public declaration misperceived by the audience, little control in operational costs in its joint ventures due to its lack of a trained personnel and suitable real estate for its stores. Starbucks tried to answer these issues through solutions like getting new supplier for items such as coffee mugs, slowing down its pace of expansion and keeping an eye closely on the very volatile politic environments of the waters they dive

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