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Starbucks Strike Starbucks is a global company based out of Seattle Washington. The growth of this coffee chain exploded over the past several years. This explosion has made Starbucks a Fortune 500 company. In fact, Starbucks has helps to expand the coffee industry as a whole. Starbucks offers competitive wages, employee discounts and healthcare for their employees. The healthcare extends to full and part time dependents and unmarried partners. There are few companies that offer the same health care, if any, to employees. As I read articles about the strike in Chile, I was open- minded about the issues. Global companies conduct business based on the market and economy for each country they do business in. But, as I read a few of the demands of the employees in Chile, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief. The Starbuck employees in Chile have a job that offers a drink stipend each month, which gives them two drinks each day they work. But instead of saying thank you, they are demanding a $100 stipend for food. This to me is laughable. If I think I am going to need to eat lunch while I am ate work, I bring a lunch like everyone else. Some of the other demands were as unthinkable as the stipend. Why should a company, any company, offer you a bonus for having a child or getting married? Does this way of thinking promote unwanted children and marriage just to receive a bonus on your check? A bonus is just that, a reward for performing a duty above and beyond what is expected. Now, an increase in salary is one of the demands that I feel is justified. Pay rates should be increased as the cost of living increases. Having an eight year lapse in a pay increase is what you fight for. But, this is the only demand that I feel is justified. Starbucks is a company that has a loyal following. This company has grown because of the way

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