Starbucks Global Strategy Essay

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Starbucks is one of the most successful companies of the US, which is well-known nationwide. Throughout its history, the company has reached outstanding results, becoming one of the leaders in the national market. At the same time, the time is changing and the process of globalization contributes to the growing competition, while the company’s administration perfectly realizes that Starbucks needs continue to progress. Otherwise the degradations is inevitable. In such a situation, it is extremely important to choose the correct strategy of the further development of the company. It is worthy of mention that, in the current situation, the company has chosen probably the most effective strategy that provided Starbucks with ample opportunities to continue growing and this strategy is international markets expansion. It should be pointed out that the main feature of its strategy is high aggressiveness of the company and its main goal is the expansion and entering new markets. The expansion of Starbucks has already overcome national borders and has acquired an international character. At the same time, the company still remains highly popular among its American customers. In such a situation it is obvious that the company could hardly achieve such results without its aggressive policy of market expansion. It should be pointed out that the company steadily implemented the strategy of the market expansion in the course of its development. At the beginning, Starbucks basically focused on the regional level but, as the company continued growing the necessity to expand its presence on the national level became obvious. Nowadays the company continues its traditional strategy of the market expansion but, unlike in the past, it is not focused on the national market solely. Instead, Starbucks tend to enter new markets abroad and become one of the most recognizable brands

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