Starbucks “Dunkin'” on Dunkin' Donuts Essay

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Starbucks “dunkin'” on Dunkin' Donuts Mathew Guilliams Profile Essay (week 2) ENGL-112 Professor Marie Schimke DeVry University Starbucks “dunkin'” on Dunkin' Donuts It's about mid-morning. The sun has has broken its' crest, but still hangs low in the sky. You have your laptop set up, and you're half watching CNN; all while listening to the easy music playing on the speakers in the background. You see an old friend stopping in for his morning coffee, and you strike up a conversation. “Vente, black,” you hear a particularly cute girl behind the counter call out. Now you have your coffee, your good friend, and a great place to hold your conversation. You say to yourself, “what a great place.” This is the scene that Howard Schultz (Starbucks chairman, president and chief executive officer) wished to bring to everyone when he purchased Starbucks, with the help of investors, in August 1987 (Our Heritage, 2014). Starbucks was founded in 1971 as a roaster and trader of the raw coffee, tea and spices with only one single store in Seattle's Pike Place Market (Essays, 2013). The name of Starbucks came from the first mate in Moby Dick. This was meant to make patrons conjure romantic thoughts of old time seafaring coffee traders. Howard Shultz first walked into a Starbucks in 1981. After a trip to Italy in 1983, and experiencing the coffee bars there, he returned to buy Starbucks in 1987 so as to share such community experience with everyone else (Our Heritage, 2014). Starbucks incorporated in November 1985, after 14 years of business. The coffee chain now has 20,000 stores in 65 countries. Now-a-days they offer much more than roasted whole bean coffee. They offer different food options, as well as many different types of coffee brewing styles. The coffee bar experience comes from their amenities. Each Starbucks offers free WiFi and an overall relaxed atmosphere.

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