Starbucks Case Study

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Starbucks A Socially Responsible Company Harrison College Kristel Hughes Starbucks has been a household name for many, many years. It is the coffee house for most students and adults who look forward to a great tasting, full flavor, and an enjoyable atmosphere to spend time with one another. The company has grown to massive proportions thru a clear set company values, an emphasis on social responsibility, providing an excellent work environment to their employees, and competitive benefits. It is because of these corporate values that have allowed Starbucks to competitive and profitable. Starbucks in 1990 redefined their mission statement. It is from this new mission statement that the leaders where able to redefine Starbuck’s corporate strategy. Their new mission statement became “People first, Profits last”. I believe it is because of this mission statement, the continued mission statement reviews; commitment to business ethics, and social responsibility has placed Starbucks on Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for. Starbuck’s social responsibility is focused on many different areas. They look to the environment, their employees, customers, and communities. For the environment they have personally developed a mission statement that defines Starbucks desire to minimize the environmental impact they may have on the environment. This is done thru following the environmental purchasing guidelines, recycling, energy conservation, and educating partners through the green team initiatives. If a stakeholder becomes concerned about company pollution, the stakeholder has an option to track the company’s progress through the Shared Planet website. On this website the company has described the environmental goals of the company and how well the company is doing to meet these goals, (Sawayda, Siltman, & Drever). All of this is done to help minimize the

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