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Starbucks is a globe retail company which mainly sell coffee drinks. It was one of the top ten greenest companies in America in 2011(Dolan, 2011). One of its commitment goals is about the globe responsibility which rose since 1971(2012 Global Responsibility Report: Year in Review, 2012, pp. 1, 6-12). Since the global climate change rapidly, Starbucks is affected by increasing electricity expenses which are incurred by increasing use of air conditioner in the hottest year 2012 in record(2012 Global Responsibility Report: Year in Review, 2012, pp. 1, 6-12). The purpose of the essay is to describe the business practices which are adopted in Starbucks’s own operation to accomplish the environmentally sustainable goals. Furthermore, there are analyses of the relationship between the people or staffs who are involved in those programs and Starbucks and also further anticipation of the attitude of the stakeholders of Starbucks. In the newest 2012 report, there are total six environmentally sustainable goals has been incorporated in its business operation. Their first goal is to build all new company-owned stores to achieve LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) level. It is recorded the updated progress is that 116 stores in 12 countries have been achieved LEED certification. It has given efforts to comprise the regular retail business strategies to this retail rating system. The design could help to maximize the use of energy, which can probably lower the cost of energy consumption. Also, more customers may be attracted by the new fashion and green design and it can bring more cash flow and goodwill into the company’s capital. Not only the positive reputation and certain environmental benefits it brings into the operation, instead, more retail companies may follow this “formula” to be as successful as Starbucks. (2012 Global Responsibility

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