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Starbucks idea : The idea was to create a chain of coffeehouses that would become America’s “third place.” At the time, most Americans had two places in their lives—home and work. But I believed that people needed another place, a place where they could go to relax and enjoy others, or justbe by themselves. I envisioned a place that would be separate from home or work, a place that would mean different things to different people. Value proposition Starbucks’ brand strategy was best captured by its “live coffee” mantra, a phrase that reflected the importance the company attached to keeping the national coffee culture alive. From a retail perspective, this meant creating an “experience” around the consumption of coffee, an experience that people could weave into the fabric of their everyday lives. There were three components to this experiential branding strategy. The first component was the coffee itself. The second brand component was service, or what the company sometimes referred to as “customer intimacy.“ The third brand component was atmosphere. The company’s broad distribution strategy: Our philosophy is pretty straightforward—we want to reach customers where they work, travel, shop, and dine. In order to do this, we sometimes have to establish relationships with third parties that share our values and commitment to quality. This is a particularly effective way to reach newcomers with our brand. It’s a lot less intimidating to buy Starbucks at a grocery store than it is to walk into one of our coffeehouses for the first time. In fact, about 40% of our new coffeehouse customers have already tried the Starbucks brand before they walk through our doors. Even something like ice cream has become an important trial vehicle for us. All Starbucks employees were called “partners.” The company employed 60,000 partners worldwide, about 50,000 in North America.

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