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When people think about a coffee house they think about Starbucks. Some may even believe that it is a place to buy a really expensive cup of coffee. However, regardless of the opinion people carry about the coffee house both can agree that in reality there is more value and meaning that lays behind that cup of coffee. The Starbucks experience begins with a beverage but the whole experience is based on excellent customer service from the employees. Starbucks mission statement is to not only to deliver the best possible product but also to place the customer before the product (Mission Statement/Starbucks Coffee Company, 2009). The company's belief is to create an environment for the customer to be able to step away from life's everyday challenges and step into a safe haven where they can have an uplifting movement of enjoyment (Mission Statement/Starbucks Coffee Company, 2009). The same commitment that is offered to customers is the same commitment that is offered to the employees. Starbucks has been recognized for the diversity the company embraces as well as flexibility and great health care benefits. Above all the company is committed to providing fun and productive work environments for all of its partners. Starbucks ranked #24 on Fortune 100 best companies to work for (Moskowitz, 2008). It was also listed in 2008 Worlds Most Ethical Companies and 100 Most Corporate citizens (2008 World’s Most Ethical Companies, 2008). After researching the company I came to the conclusion that Starbucks Is a company that I would like to work for. The organizational culture is warm and friendly and provides a work environment that would reward and recognize hard work and loyalty. The primary value that Starbucks and I share is that in order to take care of the customers the employees need to be taken care of. Creating a positive work environment and

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