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What does strategies support Starbucks to maintain a leadership in Thailand? Coffee which is one of a hot drink becomes more popular in Thailand since Starbuck entered in 2000. Many experts report that Starbucks has created a new trend of drinking coffee at a coffee shop. This means Starbucks becomes success for expansion in international countries especially Thailand. Moreover, Starbucks is a popular café in the U.S. and also other countries except Australia. Nowadays, Starbucks which is one of a chain store business is a leader in café and bar market in Thailand. In 2010, Thailand had an economic downturn because of red shirt striking. As a result, there had an impact on most of businesses. In addition, there are more competitors such as True coffee, McDonald and Coffee World in café and bar business. These become a challenging opportunity for Starbucks to maintain their leadership in Thailand. Most experts believe that Starbucks should focus on new strategies which are concerned about location and adding new menu such as fresh-food menu. Starbucks tends to use these new strategies which are located in an intense location and having a variety of menu. This seems to suggest that Starbucks should start with a new location like in a department store because nowadays people like eating out at one-stop service place. Even though Starbucks considers opening in a gas station, there are already have other companies such as Ban Rai café located in most of gas station. The key location is the most important factor for Starbucks to reach customers needs. Starbucks starts to focus on

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