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Question #1:-in terms of its service and product line how would you classify starbucks? Answer: Starbucks not only focus on the customer but its primary focus is on its employees they give the opportunities to the employees to buy the shares of the company so as the employee have a sense of ownership as they have sense of ownership they serve at their best which ultimately help to enhance the services of the company beside this the company expand more on employees training as on marketing. Initially starbucks focus on the small product line but with the passage of time and having resources and opportunities they increase there product live like in 1996 they introduce Frappuccino and in 1997 they introduce their flavors. Question # 2:- As a corporate chain what advantages does starbucks enjoy? Answer: They have strong health strategy in regarding their strategy president Clinton call Mr. Howard and ask about their health care strategy so this is the advantage for the company. Their strategies are to much good the benefits of their strategies are these that with out spending to much on marketing company they enjoy a huge sales. Question #3:- What are starbucks target market(s) and how has the company tried to appeal to them? Answer: Starbucks target market by different type of strategies starbucks open cafe starbucks a full service restaurant in Seattle. Three more restaurants were scheduled to open by the end of the year. Café starbucks offer hot meal and a bar with coffee liqueur drinks this venture is both more costly and more complex then serving a short of java. Final starbucks has plans to expend internationally it already has coffee shops in Japan where the lines snake out the doors of those establishments in spite of the Asian financial crises starbucks also opened shops in Thailand and it snatched up London through a
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