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I. Introduction "To win, brands must be relevant, responsible, honest, definable, and a welcome part of contemporary culture." - Scott Bedbury, a former Starbucks executive "What Starbucks has created around coffee is an extension of the front porch. If you look at the UK, the English pub is an extension of people's homes but for a different beverage. Our store have become a gathering and meeting place in addition to the coffee." - Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Starbucks, one of the leading companies in the coffee industry, has achieved remarkable growth and expeditious development all over the world. Even now, while people in the U.S are asleep, people in Europe and Asia are waiting in line to buy high-quality, whole bean, rich-brewed coffee and espresso. With freshly brewed coffee flavors, Starbucks also provides a comfortable and favorable environment as a place for gatherings and meetings. This world-famous company was first originated in Seattle, Washington in 1971 as a small and regional business. It first sold only high-quality whole bean coffees and related accessories and equipment. When Howard Schultz, the current president and chief executive officer, was assigned as Director of Marketing and Retail Operations, he provided a new turning point in the rapid growth of company expansion. As soon as he returned from a business trip in Milan, he proposed to broaden the current business into merchandising beverages such as espressos and other regular drip coffee. Such advice, however, was repudiated. Since he wanted to distribute premium coffee to all people in the U.S, he launched a coffee chain, "Il Giomale" in 1986. In 1987, his story became a success when the three founders of the original Starbucks sold their business to Schultz. He merged his own coffee brand into Starbucks and began to accumulate stores in both the domestic and

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