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| | |Starbucks | | | | Table of Contents Introduction 2 History 2 Analysis of the Macro Economy 7 Recession 7 GDP 7 Real Income 8 Employment 9 Industrial Production 10 Wholesale-Retail Sales 11 Expert Advice 11 Industry Profile 11 United States Consumption 11 Distribution & Marketing 13 Consumer Demands 14 Top Competitors 14 Company Strategy 14 Stock Market 15 Company Analysis 16 Financial Analysis 16 SWOT 18 Making Our Recommendations 21 Conclusion 21 Introduction Starbucks is known as a leader in the industry in which it finds itself. In order to fortify the aforesaid, we will be reflecting on Starbucks company history. We will also evaluate the macro economy, their industry, and their competitors as well as discuss their overall sales and profits. Since technology plays a big role in most, if not all, prospering companies that value ingenuity and prosperity, we will also discuss the implementations of new technologies and how they aid in Starbucks overall success. Future trends happening in a 1-5 year window will be analyzed as well as input regarding what the experts are saying will be presented. Lastly, a company analysis will be performed, including an overview of Starbucks stock, their financials in regards to ratios and SWOT will be performed at which time a forecast as well as recommendations will be made. History Some 40 years ago, due

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