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“The Birth and Death of a Star” A research paper presented to the class of Mrs. Cecilia Bautista Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School In partial fulfillment of the requirement for subject ENGLISH IV By: Jogie L. Itang APPROVAL SHEET This research paper entitled “The Birth and Death of a Star” is prepared by Jogie L. Itang are hereby submitted for approval. Approved by Mrs. Cecilia Bautista with the grade of ____ on ____________. Acknowledgement The researcher would like to thank his family, friends, and especially God. The researcher would like to give his full gratitude to for this all who contributed in this research paper, for teaching him how to love, showing him what the world is. They change his life in a moment and he would never be the same again. And back when the researcher was a child, before he removed his innocence their father would let them alone to work hard so that his father could provide their needs and follow their dreams. The researcher would like to thank his mother Josephine Itang, although his mother always shout it out, always talking loud and saying much, but the researcher knew that it’s his mother’s way to show her love and care for him. His mother raises him up and supported his financial needs together with his father so somewhat he can move a mountain. Also the researcher wants to thank his English teacher, Mrs. Bautista for giving this task. She always gave him strength when he was weak, she can be their voice when they couldn’t speak and eyes when they couldn’t see, and she always saw the best in her students.

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