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My Wishes in my Dream" All of us have there personal wishes that we want to come true even if we know that it is somehow impossible to become real. "I know it is impossible in this world but as long as I'm in my world, my dreams and my wishes would be real in this world even for a while". In my world all of my wishes we're being granted and I'm happy for that. Do you want to know my wishes? I know you want to know " My Wishes in my Dreams". During my childhood I used to read different fairy tales like Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid and even Pocahontas. I don't know why am I addicted with this fictional stories. I remember when I'm inmy grade school days my wish is to become like Cinderella because Cinderella is very beautiful and kind. Even though she is only a maid she didn't loss confident and even if her grandmother is very bad to her she didn't mind it. In real world I know it is impossible to become real. My second wish is to have a very big house that all of the people in this world can live there. I know this is crazy but I know this wish is only existing in my dreams by the way. Why I want a big house? simply because I can help other people with this house that is made of very strong materials that no one can destroy even if the earth will explode. And my last wish is I want to be like Snow White. I know Cinderella is beautiful but Snow White is somehow more prettier than cinderella. I want to be like her because she is strong enough to fight the witch that is against in the relationship that she have with the prince. I want to be like her because I want to have my own prince charming that can protect me and make me feel happy and special. A prince charming that can love me as who I am without looking at my physical appearance or without looking of what I have. " I know it is impossible in this world but as long as I'm in

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