Stanley Marcus's Article Review: America Is In Fashion

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When Paris fell to the Nazi regime on June 14, 1940, the world lost more than just an important source of music, literature, and art. With the coup d’état of the global authority in fashion, the world was missing a source of inspiration for the next movement in fashion, but Stanley H. Marcus saw this as less of a loss of inspiration and more of a new opportunity for American fashion. As vice president of Neiman Marcus, Stanley Marcus used his own authority in fashion to push his view towards the American public through his article in Fortune magazine, “America is in Fashion.”1 The careful selection of words and images in Marcus’s article, along with the relationship between them, show how Marcus aimed to empower American designers and American…show more content…
The fact that the flounce style was translated and spread through magazines like Vogue and other concrete information is not as simple and straightforward to communicate through image. Captions and related text serve to contextualize the images and guide the reader to what information he or she will takeaway from the image, but the image itself further expands on and highlights information in the text. Together, word and image in this article build off one another to convey the important information and relationships mentioned in the text; in fact, one could easily look at only the article’s images and captions and takeaway the main idea of the entire article. However, that is not to say that both word and image are conveying the same information. When looking at the range of mostly black, American flounce dresses, the price of each dress is given to differentiate one from the other, but the repetition in the imagery is used to show the similarity between

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