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Stanford University Stanford University is a private comprehensive university, which now is ranked second among all the comprehensive universities. At the present, She is thought as “the western Harvard”, because of her famous Business Academic and Study Park. Nowadays, she is leading the development of science and technology. If the Harvard University and Yale University stand for the humanistic spirit of America, Stanford would stand for the technology spirit in the 21th century. 1. Location: Stanford University is located between San Francisco and San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley. 2. History: In 1876, the former California Governor Leland Stanford owned more than 8000 acres. Unfortunately, his son died of typhoid fever in Italy a few years later .So the sad couple said to one another that " the children of California should be our children. " and they wanted to find a lasting way to cherish the memory of their beloved son. Stanford gathered an idea on starting a new university from several great universities in the East .Finally, they made an untraditional decision: the university would be coeducational; non-denominational; producing "cultured and useful citizens." The first president of Stanford University was David Starr Jordan who had been a president of Indiana University before he had come to Stanford. 3. Academics: In Stanford, there are in total seven schools: Humanities and Sciences, Law, Medicine, Business, Engineering and Education. (1)School of Humanities and Sciences: It is the largest school in Stanford, including more than 50 departments and interdisciplinary degree programs that span the humanities, arts, languages and literatures, social sciences, mathematics and the physical and life sciences. (2)Law School: This school arms the students for an interconnected, global world with classic and innovative legal education. For it is

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