Stanford Prison Experiment

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The Stanford Prison Experiment 1) If you were a guard, what type of guard would you have become? How sure are you? Being a guard should be a major responsibility. I would become a guard that was fair, but at the same time very strict. I am very sure of this because I believe people should be treat with consequences according to there action and not taken advantage of. 2) If you were a prisoner, would you have been able to endure the experience? What would you have done differently than those subjects did? If you were imprisoned in a "real" prison for five years or more, could you take it? If I was a prisoner, I do not think I would have been able to endure the experiment. I would have done what some of the other prisoners did and quit very early. Personally I would not have gone through with the experiment. If I was to be imprisoned for real for 5 years, I think I would breakdown emotionally, providing the guards were taking advantage of me. 3) After the study, how do you think the prisoners and guards felt when they saw each other in the same civilian clothes again and saw their prison reconverted to a basement laboratory hallway? After the experiment, the experimenter must have felt a lot of guilt, hate and embarrassment towards each other. Even though it was an experiment and they knew it wasn’t real, they had actual real emotions towards each other such as dictatorship and anxiety. They mot have felt any better, knowing that the basement was made into a prison facility and reconverted to a lab hallway. The only impression they may have had was that it was a horrible experience knowing it was a prison 4) If you were the experimenter in charge, would you have done this study? Would you have terminated it earlier? Would you have conducted a follow-up study? If I wanted to investigate on how people’s behavior would change, if they had to play

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