Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

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Stanford Prison Experiment In 1971, in the basement of the psychology department at Stanford University, a mock prison was created. It rivaled all other psychology experiments and controversy of that time. The experiment consists of putting good people in an evil place. Which brings the question, does the institution control your behavior or does your own morale rise above that of the environment? Out of the group of people selected for this experiment, some were given the role of guards; others were given the role of prisoners. The overall head of the experiment, Dr. Philip Zimardo, Social Psychologist, devised a setting that was truly a prison. From the narrow walkways used to transport prisoners, to the absence of widows to prevent a sense of time, were all indications of a true prison setting. The guards were even granted the opportunity to fully soak in the role as a guard. Given the power as guards to control and manipulate other individuals truly lead to interesting situations. To began, guards were given uniforms that fully embraced the role they were preparing for; dark glasses, tan pants and shirt. Prisoners were given a single piece of clothing and indentified with a number. All prisoners were strip searched and usually made fun of by guards when brought into the prison. Soon there after, the basic ground rules were set between guards and prisoners. Two people in particular stood out to me the most, Clay Ramsey, one of the experiment prisoner also known as” prisoner 416”, and experiment prison guard, Dave Eshlemen. Dave established his role as a prison guard by “stirring things up”, as he put it, making it difficult for prisoners by calling them names of making fun of them. He was also known for waking prisoners in the middle of the night or just while they were sleeping then making them do household chores work like cleaning a toilet or

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