Standpoint Feminism Essay

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The article by Patricia Collins is exemplary of standpoint feminist theory because she discusses how Black women in particular are the only ones who can explain their life experiences from their own standpoints. She even goes to breakdown the Black woman’s standpoints between the average Black woman and the educated Black. Though at one point the educated was somewhat prohibited from incorporating her ideas and perception of Black feminist thought into her scholarly material. The Black female scholar, Collins states that these Black women “were in a position to see the exclusion of African-American women from scholarly discourse (Collins 443).” Collins mentions how a majority of the knowledge we have about life experiences and research academia is of Eurocentric masculinist epistemologies. Collins and other theorist, poets, and writers that Black women can be and are “agents of knowledge” dismiss this idea of Eurocentric masculinist knowledge. Historically, blues singers, poets, autobiographers, storytellers, and orators were the only Black women who were validated by other Black women as agents of knowledge. She discusses the conflicting standards of three key groups of Black women scholars that want to develop Afrocentric feminist thought. Ordinary Black women are the first key group that must validate the ideas surrounding Black feminist thought. Black feminist must have personal life experiences, must interact with the ordinary Black woman to develop deeper thoughts and ideas, and must maintain accountability for their work and whatever backlash it might receive. The second key group is the acceptance of Black women scholars themselves. Black scholars must be able to not only support you but also relate to the ideas presented. The final group is the confrontation of Black women scholars with “Eurocentric masculinist political and epistemological requirements.”
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