Standardized Testing Argument

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Anything is possible in today’s day and age. As a mother who homeschools her children thru public online schools I would have to say that I am sure that this issue of standardized tests is more than likely the case today. When President Bush Sr. signed the No Child Left Behind Act in the early 2000’s it seems to me that this act has promoted the behavior as is being discussed on this board to be able to rise again; or to continue on in a sense as this act brought about school reform in respects to how the teachers started teaching then. Teaching to the standardized tests rather than teaching to learn has become the norm now. I feel this is nothing short of spoon feeding and memorization but retention of learning the material it would seem to…show more content…
A couple did a study over a period of five years on students who were immigrants to the US or the children of immigrants to the US and what they found was that immigrant children did not excel or rise in education levels as per testing, they actually get worse in US schools then their own poverty stricken communities of the countries they have left. Yet in this study it is stated that “Boys…twice as likely…be “precipitous decliners”…“low achievers”…girls “exhibited higher grades …substantially outperformed boys in every immigrant-origin group for… duration of…study (John Wahala, 2012).” The study goes on to find that there is a disparity in how the boys and the girls perform and that the trend is that way “among practically every group…at every level both nationally… internationally…many theories…why…Some contend…current educational system has adapted to…post-industrial economy…therefore rewards traits traditionally seen as…feminine, such as small-group coordination…willingness to deliberate (John Wahala, 2012).” This basically shows that girls actually excel in this broken down education system and they are girls from the lowest socioeconomic communities in our country. The study goes on to say that girls have a tendency to comply rather than be disruptive in their behaviors as boys have a tendency to do so. This…show more content…
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