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Explain the pros and cons of standardized testing in all schools Standardized testing are the exams which judge a student’s ability with MCQ’s ( multiple choice questions). This type of test doesn’t involve any documentation or theory. Students are provided with three or four options and they have to select correct answer among the given options. Some popular Standardized test are Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), Law School Admission Testing Program (LSAT), Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT). Some other tests include Scholastic Assessment Test Examinations (SAT), California Achievement Tests (CAT) and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. (1.www. Like every other test systems this testing system also has many pros and cons which we are going to describe below. Pros of Standardized testing: Standardized testing is a medium to compare the intelligence of students located in various districts, cities and states. Such a comparison would not be possible without Standardized testing. That means a student in US can be compared with a student in Pakistan .Common Core State standards adopted to do more accurate comparison between the states.Standardized testing came with instructional framework or established standards, which offer the teachers with directions for what should be taught. If these instructions are not available then it is possible that a teacher of seventh grade and teacher of fourth grade are providing same content. This guidance is also very helpful for a student who moves from one district to another. Grades given by the teachers in classroom are subjective while Standardized testing is objective in nature. Generally computers or the persons who do not know the students are involved in the scoring procedure. These tests are developed by experts and questions involved in it are means to remove bias.In Standardized testing

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