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The Assets of Standardized Testing All across the country, students are preparing to start the annual task of standardized testing to determine where they stand on the academic ladder. Each year, more colleges are starting to rely on the scores that are produced from these tests that are supposedly a combined grading on the one-time evaluation of all the knowledge that we have accumulated over the last twelve years of our lives. I do not agree with the emphasis that has been placed on these tests, such as the ACT and SAT particularly, and the effect that they have upon our futures. Although the fact that the tests are administered in a timely fashion and with proper scrutiny over cheating, the tension produced is enough to make a person loose the ability to form clear thoughts without over reacting. Any person who has participated in the test taking process has felt the stress that is an unwanted side effect. There is no doubt about the authenticity of the test or the accuracy of the provided answers, but more on the emotional and physiological elements that are at play. The emotional and physiological elements that are being described are the inner workings of each individual’s mind as they take part in the standardized testing experience. Due to all the emotions dancing over the test takers mind, their attention isn’t entirely focused on the test, which will likely cause their scores to be lower than what is being expected of them. Better methods of evaluating student needs and progress already exist though. Good observational checklists that are used by trained teachers are more helpful than any achievement or screening test. Assessment based on student performance on real learning tasks is more useful and accurate for measuring achievement - and provides more information - than multiple-choice achievement tests. Schools use standardized tests to

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