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Standardized Procedure for Registered Nurse First Assistant in Labor and Delivery I. Definition This standardized procedure was developed to explain the duties that are performed by a Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA) in Labor and Delivery who may assist a surgeon during Caesarian Sections. II. Policy A. This standardized procedure was developed and approved following the steps as described in the Standardized Procedure Guidelines as specified in Title 16, CCR Section 1474 on the Board of Registered Nursing’s website. B. The following committees have also been involved in the development of this standardized procedure: a. Professional Staff Committees, as appropriate b. Hospital Board of Directors c. Interdisciplinary Practice Committee (IDPC) d. Nursing Management C. Any changes or addendums to this standardized procedure will be reviewed by the IDPC, Nursing Management and Hospital Board of Directors. D. This standardized procedure is required to be reviewed every two years and as the practice for RNFA changes. E. A hard copy of this standardized procedure will be kept in the nursing office and will include an updated list of Registered Nurses who will be able to perform the procedures as noted. III. Functions A. The RNFA in Labor and Delivery provides direct patient care as part of the perioperative role by assisting the surgeon during a Caesarian Section delivery. RN First Assistant 4 B. Setting a. Procedures may be performed at any of the following locations: Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek’s Labor and Delivery Operating Room or at the hospital’s Main Operating Room located on the first floor. C. Supervision a. The RNFA can only perform Caesarian Sections under the direct supervision of an attending physician or the physician on-call. D. Patient Conditions a. If a situation occurs

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