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Standard Molar Volume The ultimate goal of this lab was to find the standard molar volume of hydrogen gas (H2). An unknown sample of metal to 3M H2SO4 and an eudiometer filled with water. The dense acid sank towards the bottom to react with the metal sample and form Hydrogen gas. The gas raising to the top of the container caused the pressure in the eudiometer to increase, which lead the water to be displaced. | Trail 1 | Trial 2 | Code | Skinny | Skinny | Mass of Metal | .041g | .027g | Temperature of Water | 296k | 296k | Vapor of Water Temperature | 21.1 mmHg | 21.2mmHg | Barometric Pressure | 76.632cm | 76.632cm | Volume of H2 collected | 29.15mL | 29.2mL | Height of Supported H2 column | 23.95cm | 23.15cm | After the O2 gas had fully reacted, measurements of mass, temperature, vapor, and H2 collected (as shown in the table above) . Using the formula Pgas = P1 + Pwv - P molar column , the molar mass of the unknown metal sample was 21.1mm Hg. The moles of hydrogen produced from this reaction is .001216 moles. The molar mass was found to be 21.1mmHg. Lab Questions 1.Use the data to determine the molar mass of the "unknown" metal sample, -1st Trial: 21.1mmHg ; 2nd Trial: 21.1mmHg 2. How many moles of metal reacted? -1st Trial: 1.0129 atm H2 ; 2nd Trial: 1.0129 atm H2 3. How many moles of hydrogen are produced in this reaction? - 1st Trial : 0.001216 mol H2 ; 2nd Trial: 0.001216 mol H2 4. What is the vapor pressure of just the hydrogen gas? - 1st Trial: 33.704 g/mol Mg ; 2nd Trial: 22.195 g/mol Mg 5. What would the volume of this gas be at STP? - 0.02724 L 6. what is the volume of one mole of this gas at STP? - 22.4 L 7. How would the volume of hydrogen gas collected differ if 3.05g of metal had been used? - 0.0492 L H2 8. Use the accepted value for the volume of 1 mole of any gas at STP to calculate the

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