Stand Your Ground Rule

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Stand Your Ground Rule The stand your law in the state of Florida allows people who feel threatened to use deadly force in self-defense and says they have no duty to retreat. In cases where an individual is being attacked, according to the state legislator, one does have the right to protect themselves at any means necessary. In the heat of passion, an individual should not have to decide between protecting themselves and breaking the law. In many cases, the situation is as simple as “its either you or me”. A person can either allow a person to harm them or fight and in some cases even kill. The stand your ground rule is very controversial. Many argue that just because a person is being attacked does not give them the right to kill. Although, two wrongs don’t make a right, but when protecting yourself, the only thing that is on a person’s heart is making it out of the situation alive. In my opinion, the rule does not lead to more crime, simply because "There's nothing in the statute that provides for any kind of aggressive action in terms of pursues and confront”. According to republican, Dennis Braxley. The Fla. Stat. § 776.012. Use of force in defense of person A person is justified in using force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force. However, a person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat if: He or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony; In the Zimmerman V. Martin Case, minor Treyvon Martin, was walking in his father’s neighborhood on the night of February 26th.
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